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Players assume the role of a powerful warrior known as a Slayer, who must fight in order to prevent the destruction of the world by the “Oni”, which are a horde of demons intent on eradicating mankind. By attacking specific body parts, players can experience the action and strategy of the “targeted destruction system” as they attempt to take down the Oni. Up to 4 players can participate in multi player matches, whether locally through the ad hoc mode, or online.

Slash, thrust and crush!
Some Oni are massive creatures that can be several times the size of a human being. It takes more than just regular attacks to defeat these opponents, and Slayers need to slash, thrust or crush the body parts of the Oni in order to destroy them. Players can skillfully use weapons such as a sword or bow to work together with their allies and take down the Oni.
Mitama – the souls of Japanese historical heroes
Mitama are the souls of fallen heroes that are released upon defeating an Oni, and players can use them to imbue their weapons with special abilities and attributes. Various effects can be obtained from these Mitama, and by upgrading their weapons, players can utilize multiple Mitama at the same time to choose the ones that best suit their playing style and strategy. Additionally, with more than 200 Mitama in total, each with their own artwork and in-game voices, there is plenty of incentive to try and collect them all.
An original world that blends historical Japan with fantasy elements!
The story takes place in a world in which the power of the Oni has warped time and space. Within Utakata Village, on the front line in the war against the Oni, the player takes on the role of a new recruit of an organization known as the Slayers that serves to eradicate the Oni menace. The player must venture forth into a variety of battlefields, each of which is representative of a warped version of an era from Japanese history, from the early Asuka period to the closing days of the Tokugawa shogunate. This game focuses on Tecmo Koei’s forte by mixing “Japanese” and “historical” elements to form a unique and vibrant world.
An eclectic cast of allies for the main character
Joining the player is a group of veteran Slayers within Utakata Village that have fought against the Oni for some time. The stories of these Slayers, such as Ōka, who possesses unmatched fighting ability with a sword, will be told as they fight alongside the player.
New weapons! Newly discovered Oni! New Mitama!
Enhanced game depth with vastly more items of all types!
In addition to all of the elements from the original “Toukiden,” a wide variety of new features have been added, from more difficult mission types to new weapon types such as the “naginata,” and new battle styles. A wide variety of terrifying and deadly new Oni also appear, including the mysterious Oni of the north, Snowflame, doubling the number of the original title. The existing Oni, too, have been strengthened with new moves, creating incredible tension on the field of battle.
Face the ultimate challenge – an endless war against the mighty Oni!
All new mission types
For those Slayers for whom fighting just one Oni isn’t enough, a range of new special mission types have been added. Certain Mitama and other rewards can only be acquired in these missions. Together with the collection of special materials that can only be acquired from new Oni and which can be used to create new weapons and armor, there are a whole host of new features in the game.
New moves based around multiplayer cooperation!
Work more closely with your allies than ever before
One of the most popular features of the original “Toukiden” title was the cooperative multiplayer mode, in which up to four players could join forces in the war against the Oni. This title strengthens the cooperative element still further, with the introduction of a new and more powerful move than the “Destroyer” that can only be executed in cooperation with your human or NPC allies. NPC AI has been improved for “Toukiden: Kiwami,” allowing you to work with smarter and more realistic allies than ever before, in the war against the Oni!
The world of “Toukiden,” crafted from the interactions between characters both original and new
New Slayers arrive, creating all new relationships with those from the original title
“Toukiden: Kiwami” features both the original “Toukiden” story and a brand new story of roughly the same size, following on from the original. The truth will finally be revealed about the origins of the Slayers and the mysterious “Council of Elders.” All your favorite characters from the first title return, such as Ōka, Hayatori, and the other characters from Utakata Village, while new characters such as Reki, proficient with the naginata, make their first appearance, revealing additional depths to the story.
Carry across save data from the original “Toukiden”!
Save data from the original “Toukiden,” including weapons, armor, Mitama and progress levels, can be carried across to the new title!
Worldwide fun with SHARE function compatibility!
The game supports the use of the SHARE button on the controller for the PS4 system to capture screenshots while playing or stream and share gameplay videos. With the real-time live streaming feature, you can view comments from other players and they can also have an impact on your game, allowing for entirely new ways to play.
Share gameplay data between PS4 and PS Vita systems!
The game supports Cross-Save between PS4 and PS Vita systems, allowing you to enjoy the game seamlessly on whatever system you choose.

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